Three Cranks Manual Hospital Bed

Three Cranks Manual Hospital Bed

This homecare three cranks manual bed from Wuahi Medical Design assures you the greatest in comfort, quality, and ease of use. The Ultra Light bed with aluminum side rails features a 450 lb. weight capacity due to the channel frame construction that provides superior strength and reduced weight. The frame is reinforced to reduce bending and twisting. Apart from providing comfort, it also allows the user to change bed positions so as to allow the patient to breathe (if the head and chest sections are raised) or for edematous legs to resolve (if the legs and feet sections are raised).

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Three cranks manual hospital bed

Product description

Manual Hospital Beds are medical beds that use hand cranks to raise the entire bed level, as well as the head and foot sections of the bed. This results in optimal comfort for the patient. Manual hospital beds are just as versatile as full and semi-electric beds, but lack the risk of motor failure and maintenance. Sturdy, reliable and comfortable, these medical beds are a cost-effective long-term care option.


1. Flexible bedstead with anti-bacteria double powder coating treatment.

2. High durable retractable Built-in Crank with universal linking card structure, safe, quiet and smooth operation.

3. The head and the tail of the bed are made of ABS molding.

4. Backrest,bent legs, lift,electric three functions.

5. Integrated stamping frame and treated with electrostatic spraying, anti-aging and anti-rust.


Weight Capacity

450 lbs.

Product Weight

149 lbs.





Bed Height From Floor

16" - 24"

Head & Knee Adjustment


Height Adjustment


Warranty on Frame

Lifetime Limited

Warranty on Electronics

Five Year Limited

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