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Four common methods for overhauling medical children's beds
- Jun 28, 2018 -

1. Get out of bed mattress and check thoroughly. Looking for bedspreads and sagging or unevenness indicates the serious wear of the mattress itself. Use a trim needle or an appropriate sewing machine repair cap. If properly disinfected, or replace worn-out new mattresses of the same type, springs, foams or gels. Fresh covers for new mattresses as applicable.

2. Disassemble the frame, including armrests, headboards and pedals. Pull off the casters from each corner of the bed frame, wheels and brakes. Use an electric sander away from rusty areas. Protect the primer and then paint the metal parts with the last coat of paint. Install new forks and replace worn casters and wheels as needed. Replace the plastic cover on the new armrest.

3. Delete any electronic parts, such as circuit boards and control mechanisms. All electronic surfaces use compressed or aerosol air to blow away dust and dirt. Replace worn cables, wires, and wires. Test electronic components such as switches and control buttons, mechanized bed movements. Replace the old bed circuit board, circuit testing shows that electronic components.

4, reorganization of bed frames and related components. Lubricate all frames on the hinge, including all movable joints. Rotate the joints to make sure they run smoothly and there is no glide. Add new or clean electronic components, switches and wiring. Put on a new or refurbished mattress. Plug in the power cord of the power outlet and the function of the test bed.

In addition, during the use of medical children's beds, do not overload use, to prevent strong impact, vibration, extrusion, etc., safety load: static 250kg; dynamic 170kg, regular joint inspection of the active site (period is usually once every quarter) (such as screw strong , Lubricant Add), to avoid contact with strong acids, alkalis, salts, clean with a low concentration of cleaning agent, and then use wet towel to dry and wipe clean.

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