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How to deal with the safety of children's medical beds
- Jun 28, 2018 -

At present, there are many aspects of the safety of children's medical beds in the country mainly divided into such aspects, the first is the material, the problem, because some black manufacturers because of the interests of the trend to buy some inferior materials to process, which makes a lot of poor physical fitness, Sensitive children have skin allergies when they are exposed to medical beds made with these raw materials for a long time, and even worse, they cause external wound infections that cause the wounds to fail to heal and even worsen the condition.

To ensure that the bed can be qualified in the material, even better than the relevant requirements, and in order to eliminate some children's sensitivity to steel materials, Fukang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. also specializes in the production of ABS plastic children's beds, the overall use of this bed The ABS plastic material, to eliminate all steel materials, to completely avoid the occurrence of children in bed contact allergy.

After talking about the material issue, one of the safety issues for children's medical beds is the robustness of children's medical beds. The difference between children's medical beds and adults' beds is that children's medical beds have a particularly high fence. As part of the qualified children’s medical bed fences, it is crucial that some children like to climb. If there is no nursing staff, the fences are not strong enough to cause harm to children. There have been more than one news report that children fell from a medical bed, causing fractures, contusions and other conditions. Whether it is the production side of a child's medical bed or the purchaser of a children's hospital, the degree of firmness of the bed body and the degree of impact resistance during the movement need to be strictly monitored.

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