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Manual wheelchair maintenance method
- Jun 28, 2018 -

(1) Before and within one month of wheelchair use, check whether the bolts are loose. If loose, tighten it in time. Check every three months during normal use to ensure that all components are in good condition. Check if any solid nuts on the wheelchair (especially the fixing nuts of the rear axle) should be loosened and adjusted and tightened.

(2) Wheelchairs should be wiped dry in time if they are in use. Normally used wheelchairs should also be wiped with a soft dry cloth and painted with anti-rust wax to make the wheelchairs lastingly bright and beautiful

(3) Regularly check the flexibility of the movement, turning mechanism, and apply lubricant. If for some reason it is necessary to remove the 24 inch wheel shaft, make sure the nut is tight and not loose during reinstallation.

4) The connecting bolts of the wheelchair seat frame are loosely connected and it is forbidden to tighten.

When purchasing a wheelchair, the dimensions should also fit. Appropriate size can make all parts evenly distributed, not only comfortable, but also prevent the occurrence of adverse consequences. 

You can choose from the following suggestions:

1, seat width: the width of the buttocks, on both sides plus 1 -2 cm. The

2. Seat length: After sitting back, there is a 5-7.5 cm distance from the front of the knee to the back of the seat. The

3, backrest height: The average user chooses about 2 cm below the shoulder blades. The

4, foot height: 4 cm from the ground. If it is a foot plate that can be adjusted up and down, it can be adjusted so that when the injured person is seated, the 4 cm at the far end of the thigh is lifted slightly and does not touch the height of the seat cushion.

5, armrest height: elbow flexion 90 degrees, the height of the handrail, seat to elbow distance, plus 2.5 centimeters.

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