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Medical Equipment Technical Requirements
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Hospitals cannot be powered off. Once a power failure occurs, it may threaten the lives of patients. Similarly, medical equipment cannot be powered off. Therefore, medical equipment has very strict requirements on power supply specifications. Therefore, there are special specifications on the design of medical device batteries.

The growth in demand for medical electronic products in China is higher than the global average - a huge population base and an aging population that is rapidly increasing year by year and people's growing health awareness, national policies, medical informationization and technological revolution. The demand for medical electronic products in China continues to grow rapidly.

In addition, China has begun to implement the 12th Five-Year Plan, including the following three goals regarding the future development of medical equipment: 1) Accelerate the development of the domestic medical equipment industry; 2) Implement the unified procurement system; 3) Domestic medical institutions Priority should be given to the purchase of domestic medical equipment. With the gradual implementation of this medical reform program, domestic medical equipment manufacturers have made all preparations, riding on this rare opportunity for development, to fully develop a new generation of medical equipment.

In addition to medical devices that must comply with internationally recognized standards, other aspects such as basic performance and power supply compliance are very important, because the patient's health will be directly or indirectly affected. However, in the case of electronic medical equipment related to patient care, clinical treatment, health monitoring, or image scanning, if there is a problem with the power supply, power loss, or other problems in the power supply, the consequences will directly affect the health of the patient, even to the patient. Causes transient or permanent damage.

In the case of laboratory instruments or diagnostic equipment, once a problem arises in the power supply, medical personnel will be unable to make correct diagnosis in a timely manner. Sometimes even more tests are required. This wastes time and increases the spirit of medical staff and patients. burden.

In addition, once the medical device's power supply fails, it will not be able to perform its basic functions even if it does not immediately constitute a safety issue. Therefore, medical device developers must not only plug design holes in the ideation phase of the product, but also even during the entire product life cycle. The risk is constantly managed internally so that the equipment does not malfunction.

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