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Medical Stroller Refers To The Ward Protective Transport Equipment
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Medical carts refer to medical equipment for ward protection and transportation. They are applicable to major hospitals, health clinics, pharmacies, psychiatric hospitals, and rotary carts for daily use. To a large extent, the caregivers' operating burden can be reduced.

Medical carts refer to the ward's protective transport equipment, surgical instruments, drugs, and delivery patients. Can greatly reduce the caregivers' operational burden. In terms of product classification, medical carts are luxurious, medium and ordinary. Divided from the material of the product, the medical cart has ABS, stainless steel, sprayed. Divide the types of products, medical carts have rescue vehicles, ambulances, treatment vehicles, medical records, equipment vehicles, instrument vehicles, drug delivery vehicles, anesthesia vehicles, dirt vehicles, transfusion vehicles, drug vehicles, under the car There are dozens of kinds of delivery vehicles and patient transport vehicles.

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