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There are three major categories of taxonomy promoted by medical equipment
- Jun 28, 2018 -

There are three major categories of medical device classifications that are promoted, namely diagnostic settings.

Preparations, treatment equipment and auxiliary equipment.

First, diagnostic equipment can be divided into eight categories: X-ray diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, functional testing equipment, endoscopy equipment, nuclear medicine equipment, laboratory diagnostic equipment and pathological diagnostic equipment.

Second, the treatment equipment can be divided into 10 categories: Ward care equipment (beds, carts, oxygen bottles, gastric lavage, needle-free syringes, etc.); surgical equipment (surgical beds, lighting equipment, surgical instruments and various Taiwan, racks , stools, cabinets, also including microsurgery equipment); radiotherapy equipment (contact therapy machines, superficial treatment machines, in-depth treatment machines, accelerators, 60 cobalt treatment machines, radium or 137 铯 cavity treatment and after-loading device therapy, etc.) ); nuclear medicine treatment equipment - treatment methods are internal radiation therapy, application and treatment of three kinds of colloidal treatment; physical and chemical equipment (generally can be divided into light therapy business, electrotherapy equipment, ultrasound therapy and sulfur therapy equipment 4); laser equipment - Medical laser generator (commonly used ruby laser, He-Ne laser, carbon dioxide laser, argon ion laser and YAG laser, etc.); dialysis treatment equipment (common artificial kidney artificial kidney and tubular artificial kidney are two major categories); Body temperature freezing equipment (semiconductor cold knife, gas cold knife and solid cold knife, etc.); emergency equipment (cardiac defibrillation pacing equipment, artificial respirator, ultrasonic nebulizer, etc.); other treatments Preparation of (hyperbaric chamber, high-frequency electric ophthalmic chromium, electromagnetic iron absorption, vitreous cutter, adult blood separators, etc.). These are all special treatment equipment for each subject, and they can be divided into one category if necessary.

Third, auxiliary equipment can be divided into the following categories: disinfection and sterilization equipment, refrigeration equipment, central attraction and oxygen systems, air conditioning equipment, pharmaceutical machinery equipment, blood bank equipment, medical data processing equipment, medical video photography equipment.

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