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What are the requirements for the use of the electric turning bed
- Jun 28, 2018 -

The appearance of the electric turning bed has greatly facilitated families with long-term bedridden elderly people who have family members or other conditions. It can not only help the patient, get up, turn over, but also enhance the self-confidence of the patient and also reduce the family's burden. So how much do you know about electric turning bed? Do you know its requirements for using the environment? Hurry up with Xiao Bian to see it!

First, the use of the environment

Do not use the bed in a wet or excessively dusty environment to avoid electric shock or motor failure. Do not use the bed in an environment where the room temperature is higher than 40°C; do not leave the electric bed in the open; please stand up. The bed is placed on a flat surface.

Second, product assembly and maintenance

1. Do not disassemble the internal components of electric turning bed privately to avoid personal injury such as electric shock and machine failure.

2. The product can only be repaired by professional maintenance personnel. Do not disassemble or repair it.

Third, the characteristics of electric turning bed

Electric turning bed can effectively solve many problems such as patient's urinate, eating, reading and entertainment. It can be said that it brings good news for patients, disabled people and deaf patients who can't take care of themselves. According to professional sources, the bed-turning bed has continuously solved the physiological problems of the patient and also improved the mental recovery, while also reducing the care burden on the accompanying staff. The overturned bed has a wheelchair-type design, and the patient can lie in bed in three positions: lying, half lying and sitting straight, and can also adjust the angle of the legs. Patients can read, write and eat in bed. Its humanized design solves a series of difficult nursing problems.

People with long-term care experience know that patients who stay in bed for a long time can develop acne, which is very painful for the patient. In order to avoid this situation, the electric turning bed can adjust the angle of the horizontal backboard and the feet of the back of the bed to increase the comfort. Overturned bed beds provide rest and treatment for those who stay in bed for a long time, which improves the level of care and improves the quality of life of patients.

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