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Electric Wheelchair Product Features
- Jun 28, 2018 -

1, using lithium-driven, can be repeatedly charged, small size, light weight, energy saving and environmental protection

2, can push, hand, electric driving, free conversion

3, folding frame, easy storage and transportation

4, intelligent operation of the lever, the left and right hands can be controlled

5. The wheelchair armrest is also lifted, and the footboard can be adjusted and disassembled

6, using PU solid tires, waterproof breathable cushion backrest, seat belts

7、Five-speed adjustment, freewheeling radius of 360° on the spot

8, strong climbing ability, anti-backward tail wheel design

9, high safety factor, intelligent electromagnetic brake and manual brake


1, electromagnetic brake: electric brake before you can! ! !

2, tires: always pay attention to whether the tire's tire pressure is normal, this is the most basic.

3. Seat cover and backrest: Use warm water and diluted soapy water to clean the seat cover and skin back.

4. Lubrication and general maintenance: Always use a lubricant to maintain the wheelchair, but do not use too much to prevent the oil stains from reaching the floor. Always maintain general maintenance and check that screws and screws are secure.

5. Normally wipe the body with water to avoid placing the electric wheelchair in a damp place and avoid hitting the controller, especially the joystick. When handling the electric wheelchair, please protect the controller when the controller is exposed to food or When the beverage is contaminated, clean it immediately, wipe it with a dilute cleaning solution, and avoid using detergents such as grounds or alcohol.

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