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Electric Wheelchair Technical Performance
- Jun 28, 2018 -

(1). Lithium environmental protection electric wheelchair

(2). Electric, manual and manual wheelchairs

(3). Electric wheelchair with large wheels

(4). Electric wheelchair that can be easily folded without removing the battery

(5). Energy-saving power-saving electric wheelchair with strong climbing ability

(6). Control and drive electric wheelchairs with independent intellectual property rights


Lithium battery, energy saving and environmental protection

With electric, manual, manual push three-in-one function

Foldable without disassembling the battery for easy carrying and storage

Strong climbing ability, safe rollover

Humanized design, convenient operation

The lightest electric wheelchair.

Lithium electric wheelchair The electronic steering system is superimposed on the classic hand vertebral car, making it easier to operate and humanize. The body is high-strength, high-load but not heavy, safe and comfortable for your travel. Its scientific design, novel styles, plus reasonable prices

It soon became the most popular new type of electric wheelchair for domestic and foreign markets.

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