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Electric Wheelchair With Manual Operation Of Intelligent Controller
- Jun 28, 2018 -

The electric wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed high performance power drive device, intelligent control device, battery and other components, transformed and upgraded.

A new generation of intelligent wheelchairs with artificially controlled intelligent controllers that can drive wheelchairs to complete advances, retreats, steering, standing, lying down, etc., is a combination of modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, and engineering mechanics. Technology Products.

The fundamental difference between traditional electric mobility scooter, battery car and bicycle is that the electric wheelchair has an intelligent control device. According to the different operating methods, there are rocker-type controllers, and also various switch-controlled controllers such as a head or a blowing and sucking system. The latter is mainly applicable to severe disabled people with upper and lower limb disabilities. Nowadays, electric wheelchairs have become an indispensable tool for transportation for the elderly and the handicapped. They are suitable for a wide range of applications. As long as users have clear awareness and normal cognitive abilities, using electric wheelchairs is a good choice, but it requires a certain amount of space.

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