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Skyrail Infusion Stand Features
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Infusion bottle height adjustment is easy, flexible, convenient, labor-saving and comfortable;

Integrated guard design, easy to clean, more beautiful appearance;

Special anti-drop device, sterile clean operating room, ICU special anti-dust dust hanger;

The hanger is designed in various ways and can be used in wards of different styles and grades;

Hangers can be installed with hanging hooks and hanging baskets, apply different forms of infusion;

The hanger pull-down handrail meets the ergonomic requirements;

Hanger has a variety of materials, colors to choose from, to match the overall decoration style of the ward

Installation guide

1. First, determine the installation position of the infusion sky rail, which is generally installed on the ceiling in the center of the hospital bed. Care should be taken to avoid the light fan. Care should be taken when installing the operating room to avoid hanging towers and shadowless lights.

2. Measure the track mounting hole pitch of the purchased sky rail infusion stand, drill a hole with a depth greater than 50 mm on the ceiling with a Φ8 impact drill, and insert Φ8 plastic expansion (note that the plastic expansion should be flush with the ceiling) .

3. Install the trolley into the track and use M4×10 self-tapping screws to install the plastic head at both ends of the track (the O-rail has no plug, and the joints should be evenly aligned to ensure that the trolley can slide freely within the track). Then mount the track on the ceiling with M4 x 30 flat tapping screws.

4. After the installation is complete, hang the hanger on the crane hook to check its operation and other properties.

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