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What Is The Difference Between Electric Beds And General Beds
- Jun 28, 2018 -

The design of electric medical beds has made some critical patients more convenient. It not only facilitates the patient but also facilitates the medical staff. It also maintains the self-esteem of some patients. Electric turning bed allows the patient to perform some simple actions, so some family members with impaired or inconvenient mobility would like to buy one in their own home. Today, Xiao Bian will take everyone to understand the difference between electric bed and ordinary bed. Bed price.

The electric nursing bed in the home care bed can be further divided into five functional electric care beds, four-function electric care beds, three-function electric care beds, and two-function electric care beds according to the number of motors used. The main features of the electric nursing bed in the home care bed are the motor and process design as well as the luxurious configuration equipment, such as the European style guard rail, aluminum alloy guard rail, full brake central caster, and operation remote control. With the development of the times, electric home care beds, now home-styled, have emerged and are gradually being used in home care.

Family care beds can be divided into luxury multi-function three-shake nursing beds, two-shake 30 percent beds and single-shaker beds. The main features of this hand-carried family management bed are the joystick device and the various accessories that can be configured. For example, some hand-carried home care beds are equipped with potties. According to the different choices of reasonable process design, this type of hand-carried home care bed is generally suitable for hospital inpatient departments.

The general nursing bed of the home care bed is an ordinary flat bed or straight bed. As the case may be, the general nursing bed of the home care bed may include a simple hand-bed or the like, which is mainly applicable to hospitals and clinic.

The easy-to-use point of the electric nursing bed is on the remote control, but the price is more than 5,000, and it is also divided into high-end and low-end nursing beds. This depends on personal economic conditions. The price of low-end nursing beds is around 3,000 yuan, some high-end medical beds are around 10,000 yuan, and some common beds are around a few hundred. Because of different functions, the price gap is also very large.

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